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European Government CELEBRATES Communist Party with Commemorative Postage Stamp


The leftist Spanish government sparked outrage from many in its country after it announced a commemorative postage stamp marking the centenary of the Communist Party.

“The stamp, featuring the notorious hammer and sickle imagery, is to be launched by the state controlled Correos on November 14, with 135,000 limited edition copies with a postal value of 0.75 euros,” Summit News reports.

From Correos:

On April 15, 1920, the  Spanish Communist Party was created , known as the one with  one hundred children  because of its origin in the Socialist Youth. A year later a second detachment will arise, the  Spanish Communist Workers’ Party , which, after the intervention of the Communist International to unite the two parties, will result in the  Communist Party of Spain on November 14, 1921 . In March 1922 it held its first congress. A story with many faces of women and men who decided to commit themselves to change the reality of an unjust and unequal country.

Summit News reported:

The move has enraged many citizens, who have directed anger at Socialist Spanish leader Pedro Sánchez, with some pointing out that the Correos is currently headed up by Sánchez’s former Chief of staff.

It is estimated that Communism has resulted in more than 100 million deaths throughout its relatively short history.

Other Twitter users expressed their outrage at the move:

Cont. from Summit News:

Spain’s current government is a coalition between Sánchez’s Socialist Worker’s Party and the extreme far left Podemos party.

The government was heavily criticised during the pandemic for instituting draconian mask, lockdown and vaccine passport policies.

A huge scandal also emerged when the elite of the Spanish business world as well as sports figures and celebrities were caught buying fake vaccine certificates in an attempt to maintain access to social freedom without taking the vaccines.


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