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Fauci’s Retirement Won’t Spare Him Says Rand Paul And GOP Members


Rand Paul is likely Anthony Fauci’s most vocal critic.

The Senator from Kentucky issued a stark warning to Anthony Fauci on Monday, indicating that a convenient retirement in December will not spare him from an investigation.

Recently, Fauci revealed that he was planning on retiring from public life at the end of 2022.

Opponents and those critical of America’s highest-paid public employee echoed similar sentiments—making a Fauci investigation and testimony a priority.

Previously, the GOP has vowed to investigate Fauci and the origins of Covid-19 if they win back control of both houses of Congress.

Here are just some of the responses from public officials and pundits alike:

Breitbart reports:

While Fauci, 81, originally suggested he would leave his post at the end of Biden’s first term in office, his announcement moves up his retirement significantly to after the midterm elections, as Republicans hope to take control of both the House and Senate.


Dan Bongino writes:

Senator John Kennedy later echoed Paul, stating that “Unless Dr. Fauci decides to seek asylum in some foreign country whose Powerball jackpot is 287 chickens and a goat, and therefore, which won’t enforce a subpoena from the United States Congress.

Then, Dr. Fauci, retirement or not, is going to be spending a lot of time in front of a congressional committee and committees if Republicans take back control.”


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