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Federal Judge Grants Major Victory To Election Integrity In Georgia


A federal judge has upheld major portions of Georgia’s election integrity provisions.

Governor Brian Kemp signed Georgia SB 202 into law in May of 2021 in an attempt to make the absentee ballot process more secure…

More specifically, the security measures came by way of adding rules and procedures for how 3rd party entities could send and handle absentee ballots in the state of Georgia.

The Democrat opposition to this was fierce, as the expected cries of racism and voter suppression made the headlines of every major news network.

Litigation ensued, and one of those cases was brought by VoteAmerica against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in an attempt to circumvent the newly enacted laws.

That suit has since been settled by Judge J.P. Boulee, who upheld much of SB 202, despite the legal complaints brought forward by Democrats and their proxy groups.

Aside from upholding the ballot provisions for 3rd party entities, Judge Boulee also ruled to uphold the ban on handing out food and drinks at or near polling places.

Here’s more on the story:




Conservative Brief provided more insight:

The court sided with Raffensperger and the RNC, holding that the plaintiff’s First Amendment rights were not violated, and they did not meet the standard to obtain an injunction striking down the law.


Breitbart chronicled some of the fierce opposition to Georgia’s election integrity measures:

“The Election Integrity Act that we passed, [Abrams] called it Jim Crow 2.0, said it was suppressive, rolled Joe Biden out there to say the same thing,” Kemp said.

“Of course, he didn’t realize then, and doesn’t realize now, his own state of Delaware is much more restrictive than our own state is and many other states around the country, and we had massive, record turnout in this last election that we just had.”


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