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Is Planned Parenthood In Trouble?


Is Planned Parenthood primarily an abortion clinic?

Supporters, liberal pundits, Planned Parenthood executives, and industry insiders often tout abortion as one of Planned Parenthood’s smallest revenue generators.

By their official statistics, abortion only makes up between 3-4% of their total services.

Those claims have since come under scrutiny due to the extensive Planned Parenthood closures all over the country following the repeal of Roe v Wade.

A sum total of 66 Planned Parenthood clinics were affected across 15 states by the overturn of Roe, with all of them forced to stop providing abortion services.

26 of those clinics across 15 states have shut their doors as a result of the SCOTUS ruling.

It has long been alleged that Planned Parenthood targets African-American areas and districts where racial minorities predominate and carry out a majority of their abortions in those areas.

Could it be that the statistics presented by the organization represent only the rosiest and most PR-friendly of their centers in affluent areas?

Democrats claim:

Conservative outlets took a different view, asking why the centers need close down in the first place if a bulk of their revenue model relied on providing other necessary services.

Planned Parenthood has often touted its other services as their main revenue generators and claim that abortions account for a negligible percentage of their revenue stream.

Daily Caller presents these numbers:

Planned Parenthood arrived at its estimate that abortion account for only 3% of its services by counting each service offered individually and equally and finding that, of the 10.6 million services it performed in 2013-2014, 327,653 were abortions, according to The Washington Post.


Fox News points to Planned Parenthood’s new potential replacement for abortion:

Planned Parenthood took some flak on social media last week for promoting a cartoon that encouraged children to take hormone blockers if they’re feeling confused about their gender.


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