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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/24/22


Hey friends,

Noah here with a very special Friday night edition of the Newsletter!

What a historic day…

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the big news, but we’re going to dig in on several levels.

Let’s start with the big news:


President Trump immediately weighed in:

President Trump Issues Response To Roe V Wade Decision

The DemonRats have already vowed to fight back.

Here’s how:

WATCH: It’s Not Over Yet—Abortion To Be Codified Into Law?

Missouri was the first to act:

JUST IN: Missouri AG Eric Schmitt Signs Proclamation to End Abortion in State

Have to take a moment and flash back to Kim Clement in 2014.

How astonishing that he knew back in 2014?

Kim Clement Knew In 2014!

And you have to love this….

Is it a sign?

Feels like it:

“A SIGN? Nancy Pelosi’s Earring Falls Off Mid-Sentence During Abortion Rant”

Feels like when Obama’s Presidential Seal fell off his podium, doesn’t it?

And speaking of Prophecy Fulfilled, here’s more:

Prophecy Fulfilled! Julie Green, Lois Vogel-Sharp, Manuel Johnson

This wasn’t even the only big story of the day from the SCOTUS.

Check this out:

SCOTUS Issues Landmark Ruling For Election Integrity

Moving on to another story, don’t miss this….

I mean, wow:

Yes, The Biden Cheat-Sheet Flashcard IS Real — See It Here

And we end with our top story:

Compromised Pedo?

Mike Pence…

Can’t wait to see what the final answer is.

You say?

Your friend,



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