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Paul Pelosi Forced To Sell Stocks


Paul and Nancy Pelosi have been at the center of insider trading allegations over the last several years.

The couple has repeatedly come under increased public scrutiny, with online accounts and personalities such as ‘Pelosi’s Trade Tracker’ publishing information on the couple’s market trades.

Reports now blame the growing public pushback as the reason for Paul Pelosi’s sale of his stake in Nvidia.

Nvidia is a graphical processing unit company, that produces the flagship graphics cards that drive high-end gaming and cryptocurrency mining.

Pelosi took on an outsized stake in the tech company directly ahead of the proposed CHIPS Act, by purchasing 25,000 shares, which he recently had to sell at $165.05 per share—suffering a loss.

Reporters in the mainstream media and members of the general public were quick to notice and comment on the recent sale of the stock:

According to Business Insider:

The disclosure states that by selling the shares, Paul Pelosi suffered a “total loss of $341,365.”

This disclosure of a financial loss is notable because Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, rarely volunteers such detailed information about her husband’s stock and stock option trades.


Conservative Brief relays Fox News host Jesse Watters’ reaction to the news:

“Nancy and Paulie P. realized the block was a little hot and if they didn’t unload that stock before the bill passed they were going to be in a heap of trouble.”


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