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Record-High Republican Support for Donald Trump After FBI Raid


After the FBI’s raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Republican support for the 45th president hit a record high.

Politico reported that a record high of 58 percent of Republican voters now say they would vote for Trump in a 2024 presidential primary.

71 percent now say they want Trump to run again in 2024.

From Morning Consult:

Trump’s 2024 standing after the FBI raid

  • In the Aug. 10 survey, 58% of Republican voters said they would support Trump if the 2024 Republican presidential primary were today, the highest on record since his 2020 loss. The share of support is up from 54% in July and 53% in June amid the high-profile congressional Jan. 6 hearings.
  • Trump’s improvement has come to the detriment of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose 2024 support has slumped 5 percentage points since late July, to 16%.
  • Similarly, a record-high 71% of GOP voters say that Trump should run for president in 2024.

How the FBI’s activity is being framed

The FBI’s activity on Monday in Palm Beach — acting on a warrant reportedly related to a probe involving Trump’s handling of top secret documents — provided a dramatic picture of the unprecedented examination of a former president by federal, state and local investigators on the civil and criminal front.

Three in 4 voters said they had seen, read or heard at least something about the FBI’s raid by the time of the survey, with little variation by political affiliation. In turn, most voters (54%) aligned with reporting that the search was related to mishandling of classified information, compared with 32% who thought it was related to Jan. 6 and 14% who said it was “something else.”

In a statement, Trump called the FBI’s search an act of “political persecution” and a “Witch Hunt” designed to harm the political movement he leads. While much of the Republican electorate buys that charge, the message does not appear to have legs with the broader public.

*Image from Morning Consult*

Breitbart added:

Trump’s previous high for the question about voting for him in a 2024 primary was 56 percent, in March of 2022. The last time this poll was taken, last month, Trump earned 54 percent support.

Support for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has dropped five points since July, from 21 percent to just 16 percent.

When it comes to all voters, only 49 percent believe the warrant was issued because evidence existed of a crime. That’s a pretty pathetic number, a huge lack of trust in a major institution for a move as serious as raiding a former president’s private residence.

Additionally, 39 percent believe (correctly) that the raid was committed out of a partisan political motivation, while 13 percent had no opinion.


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