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Senators Demand FTC Probe Into TikTok


TikTok has long been under the scrutiny of U.S. intelligence and Homeland Security officials.

The social media app, which is centered around short bite-size videos, is owned in part by the Chinese Communist Party and boasts an impressive 1 billion users.

Senators Mark Warner (D-VA.) and Marco Rubio (R-FL.) raised the most recent concerns about the social media platform, asking the FTC to open a probe into the app and the company.

Their concern lies in whether or not the parent company of the app, ByteDance, is accessing sensitive U.S. user data and sharing it with the Chinese Communist Party.

ByteDance has categorically denied these claims and cited that all U.S. user data is routed to a U.S.-based security team.

TikTok CEO Shou Zi also stated that the platform would never hand over this U.S. user data to the Chinese Communist Party even if they demanded it.

Critics were quick to cite China’s national intelligence policies which would compel TikTok and ByteDance to hand over any data the CCP requests.

Indeed, the CCP not only has regulatory sway over both TikTok and ByteDance but, as mentioned previously, is a part-owner of the Beijing-based app platform.

Despite this, spokespeople for TikTok continue to deny that the Beijing-based platform has any concerning connection to its American subsidiary.

Here’s more on the story:

The Hill offered this quote from the senators:

“In light of repeated misrepresentations by TikTok concerning its data security, data processing, and corporate governance practices, we urge you to act promptly on this matter,” the senators wrote.


According to Washington Examiner:

Warner’s and Rubio’s remarks arose weeks after a BuzzFeed report revealed that the company’s Chinese employees were able to access U.S. user data. 

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