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The European Union Issues Threats Over Free Speech


The European Union has taken a decisive stance against free speech.

Unelected bureaucrats in the supranational organization are threatening to ban Twitter if Elon Musk does not comply with their ‘disinformation’ policies.

Conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic took to Twitter in a firestorm to decry the move.

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and one of the foremost driving forces of Brexit, pointed out that this situation perfectly illustrates why the U.K. left the E.U.

Some American pundits believe that the Biden administration pressured the European Union into confronting Musk on the topic due to recent allegations of the Biden administration pressuring Justin Trudeau to quash the Canadian trucker protests.

No matter the angle, the common thread was vitriol for the E.U. and its stance against free speech:

According to The Epoch Times

Breton, in a post, wrote that Musk should “live up to commitments on code of conduct on disinformation” to “label hoaxes and disinformation in cooperation with fact-checkers,” “promote authoritative sources, ” and “demonetize disinformation spread.” Breton did not elaborate on what constitutes “disinformation” under the EU’s guidelines.

The EU official, meanwhile, wrote that Twitter needs to “reinforce content moderation and protect freedom of speech” to “take down illegal posts.” An audit of Twitter will also have to be carried out, Breton said, saying that “EU teams will come and check readiness.”


Breitbart believes Musk will acquiesce to the demands of the European Union:

Unfortunately, this will likely not stop Elon Musk from bowing to Breton, with the multi-billionaire having at this point repeatedly said he would acquiesce to the Frenchman’s demands in regard to censorship on the platform.

Things do not look likely to be different this time around, with Musk not only reportedly confirming that he was willing to follow EU law when it comes to censorship, but also saying that he thought the rules were “very sensible”, and that the bloc’s forthcoming law on social media regulation ought to be enforced worldwide.


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